Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Julia's Center for Healthcare. In order to protect fellow volunteers and our clients, a Criminal Background Check is required for all volunteers. It takes approximately two weeks to process your application. Please fill out the volunteer form below and click Send when done. We will followup with you soon. We reserve the right to contact you for additional information and to schedule when you can help us out.Immigration status is not an issue for volunteers. We are looking for good and helpful people as translators and health care providers.

Thank you for your support of Julia's Center.

Volunteer Form

We greatly appreciate your interest in volunteering at Julia's Center for Healthcare. To respect your time and our training resources, we ask that you commit to at least once a month for a minimum of six months. Please check the box below as your agreement with the 6 month minimum commitment. Thank you!
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Jim Fini - 2018 Volunteer of the Year

Optionally, you can download a PDF, fill it out and send it by mail or drop off at:
Julia's Center for Healthcare
1947 Ave. K Building A #400
PLANO TX 75074

Volunteer Confidentiality - HIPAA Form
download PDF. print out, fill out and bring to the clinic.

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