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Appointments are currently required to enter the clinic.

Julia’s Center for Healthcare is continuing to provide compassionate health care to our patients. We are an all volunteer clinic serving uninsured residents of Collin Country. Currently, because of COVID-19, only patients with scheduled appointments are allowed in the clinic to provide for everyone's safety and to maintain social distancing protocols. No walk-ins are currently allowed. If you need an appointment, please call us during our office hours or leave a message if we are not there. We are not an urgent care center. If you need urgent care, please go to an urgent care clinic. If you have an emergency, call 911 immediately.

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To our patients and healthcare providers, we want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to make your clinic visit safe during these difficult times. All patients, Healthcare providers, and clinic volunteers will have their temperature checked before entering the clinic, a mask must be worn, and hand sanitizer will be used. If you don't have a mask we can provide a mask for patients and staff. Social distancing will be maintained. Healthcare providers will use PPE - masks, gloves and gowns as needed.

For an appointment to see a Healthcare Provider, please call the clinic at 972-535-5099.
If you need a refill call or go to your pharmacy and request a refill. They will contact us.

- Your Friends at Julia's Center for Healthcare

Julia's Center

Julia's Center is a clinic dedicated to serve the less fortunate with exceptional medical care.


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What We Do

Julia's Center is a Medical Mission serving the uninsured residents of Collin County by providing basic medical care for people with medical problems.

  • basic medical services
  • major lab services generously donated by Quest Diagnostics
  • women's health Clinic monthly
  • pap smears
  • eye clinic monthly
  • limited imaging, most services referred out
  • chronic medical treatment
  • diabetes services
  • referral system
  • telemed and refill services available twice weekly
  • referral system
We do not provide emergency or pregnancy related services but we can provide referrals. If you have an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Medical Mission

We provide medical services for people that live in Collin County and have no medical insurance.

Faith Based

We are a faith-based organization where we believe in loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Great Medical Staff

Have a medical issue? We have well trained volunteer health care providers ready to help you.

Referral Service

If you need services that we cannot provide, we can refer you to places that can help you.

Free Health Care Clinics In High Demand

With the recent information reported in the Dallas Morning News, it shows without a doubt, that healthcare clinics, like Julia's Center, serve an ever growing need to provide healthcare services to people without health insurance and who cannot afford to pay. As Dianne Solis points out in her article, the lines and wait times for patients without enough money or health insurance are long for medical services at low cost or no cost clinics in the Dallas area. She noted that one-third of the patients are children, and that the number is up from two years ago due to fear of deportation by illegal immigrants when and if federal government resources are used.

While the situation with the Children may be relatively new, the Healthcare issue for the adult working-class in Dallas is as old as the immigration problem in Texas. There are many low cost or free clinics like Agape in and around the Metroplex, a few are new, but many like Agape have been quietly and unassumingly serving the uninsured for over 20 years, but they can only do so much. In addition, several low or no cost clinics have closed this year due to loss of private resources or government funding.

At Agape, the clinic expects 18,000 patient visits this year. Two years ago, less than a fourth of Agape’s patients were children. Now nearly a third are, said Gary Foster, Agape’s chief of clinical operations and a nurse practitioner.

The article speaks primarily of the need in Dallas County; however, it should be noted that the need crosses all county lines in the Metroplex. For example, although Collin County’s need may be equal to that of Dallas County, Collin County has only a fraction of the resources necessary to manage it.

Foster said it’s frustrating to see immigrant patients struggle to patch together health care, especially with so many policy proposals that place more restrictions on immigrants.

History has shown so far, no permanent solution to the uninsured problems in this country. Those with “boots on the ground”, point out very clearly that over-time, future outcomes will only get worse and that there is no clear solution in sight. It is my hope and prayer that someday, the “Care” will return to Healthcare, and people will realize “that all lives matter”.

In Texas, government programs are out of reach for those without legal status, with a few exceptions such as emergency care. Alternative paths to medical care have existed for many years.

The article also mentions that overtime, there will be even more of a load on emergency rooms, more avoiding of treatment, which will all work to increase healthcare costs for everyone.

“Over time, you will see more reliance on emergency rooms, more avoiding of treatment, and then that can really exacerbate costs,” said Kelly Whitener from Georgetown University's Center for Children and Family in Washington, D.C.

Continue by reading the full article as reported in the Dallas Morning News - November 30, 2019 - Immigrants patch together medical care with charity clinics, health fairs and medicine rationing - by Dianne Solis

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