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Healthcare for Collin County

Julia’s Center for Healthcare is an all volunteer clinic serving the uninsured residents of Collin County. Our healthcare clinic provides basic medical care for patients that have non-emergency medical problems.

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Welcome to Julia’s Center for Healthcare

Julia’s Center for Healthcare appreciates every one of its wonderful volunteers for their dedication and service to our patients and clinic!
Thank you, Volunteers!

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Fourth Quarter Newsletter

Our Staff:

We are blessed to welcome Dr. Sudhir Amaram; MD. Dr. Amaram is a board-certified Cardiologist. He will be seeing patients who need cardiac care monthly.

We are also thrilled to have Christopher Garduno work 3 days a week to assist with administrative duties at our front desk. Chris is a long-time volunteer who is bi-lingual and can assist our English and Spanish speaking patients.

We have volunteers of all ages. We wish to thank Abbie Siefert from American Heritage Girls completed her Stars and Stripes Award (the highest award in AHG) by improving Julia’s Center for Healthcare facilities.  American Heritage Girls is a Christian leadership and service organization for school age children from first grade to seniors.  The Diabetic Education Room was updated, the kitchen and the front storage area were reorganized, and the clinic was cleaned. During the project Abbie supervised the girls to complete the project in one weekend, and they went beyond the original scope of the project due to their enthusiasm and teamwork.  They completely updated the Diabetic Education Room by painting the room, installing a cabinet to hold the diabetic supplies, installing wall cabinets to store PPE supplies, and installing brochure holders on the wall for diabetic information for the patients to take home.  In addition, the volunteers reorganized the kitchen to utilize the storage space more efficiently, and they labelled the cabinets.  In the front storage room, new shelves were installed that increased the storage area available.  Due to the reorganization, we were able to donate excess storage furniture to Hope Restored Missions.  They are a charity next door to Julia’s Center for Healthcare that helps the indigent and the homeless with their social needs.  Abbie and her volunteers did a fantastic job helping us become more organized, and we are extremely grateful she chose us for her project. They are a blessing to us, and the selfless donation of their time and actions will allow our volunteers to bless our patients. (more…)

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Devany Morales


Volunteering at Julia’s Center for Healthcare means so much more than acquiring volunteer hours; it brings joy to the heart and reminds me why I chose to pursue healthcare. It is an honor to serve at this clinic, even after a long work day, because I know I will always leave the clinic with a sense of happiness and satisfaction. I was brought up going to clinics for the uninsured community, and volunteering at Julia’s Center for Healthcare feels like an act of giving back. My goal is to return to this wonderful clinic as a Physician Assistant. 

Thank you, 

Devany Morales”

Volunteer Testimony, Julia's Center

Alicia H.: 

“My primary motive for volunteering at Julia’s center is love for people who need help with health care and have limited access to health care resources. 

Julia’s is often their only opportunity to see a doctor without going to an emergency hospital. They often don’t seek care until their symptoms have compounded. Our work at Julia’s often identifies patients’ health problems in time to prevent an emergency room visit. 

My volunteering opportunities at Julia’s have been a satisfying experience for me. Translating for patients and seeing many of them who have been able to manage their health challenges with our help is rewarding for all the incredible Doctors, nurses, administrative volunteers, and me. I feel like I have been fortunate to be on Julia’s team of angels from the start.” 

Translator Testimony, Julia's Center

Pamela R.: 

“I’m a nurse, and I volunteer at Julia’s Center for Health Care to use my nursing skills and experience to be in God’s hands to help provide primary medical care to the uninsured individuals in the Collin County community. 

Many people in our community do not have the opportunity for healthcare because of financial, cultural, or social barriers. Julia’s Center welcomes those clients and provides healthcare services in a caring, compassionate environment with interpreters for those uncomfortable speaking English. 

Julia’s Center volunteers work as a team to welcome clients and serve them in a way that honors their dignity. Julia’s Center is a positive environment where volunteers are eager to help each other and work together. The volunteers are loving and caring. They meet clients where they are

in their health journey without judgment. The volunteers build a trusting relationship with the clients. Many of the clients can come to Julia’s Center because they feel welcome and comfortable at Julia’s Center. 

Julia’s Center provides healthcare services that help to improve the clients’ health and therefore improve their lives, the lives of their families, and ultimately, the lives of other community members. 

It’s a privilege to care for our clients and to work alongside such a dedicated group of volunteers. Pamela Rines, RN, BSN” 

Nurse Testimony, Julia's Center

Dr. Vani Duvuuri: 

“As a physician, I have had a rewarding experience working at Julia’s Center for the past few years. As an endocrinologist, I can provide comprehensive diabetes care for uninsured patients in Collin County. Alongside a team of highly skilled endocrinologists, nurse practitioners, diabetes educators, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, and student volunteers, we have served countless patients who otherwise would not be able to access healthcare services. 

Julia’s Center offers a comprehensive free diabetes education program, treatment, and screening services for retinal and foot exams. With a pilot study funded by the Raymond James Charitable Initiative, we demonstrated that our program had profound health impacts on our patients. They experienced improved blood sugar control, evidenced by a decrease in HGB A1C, blood pressure, and weight loss, as well as a decrease in reported emergency room visits. This program not only improved patients’ blood sugar control but also their quality of life. 

The diabetes care team at Julia’s Clinic provides a rewarding experience for both the patients and providers. I strongly recommend this clinic to any physician seeking to join a wonderful team and give back to the local community.”

Physician Testimony, Julia's Center

Due to the continuation of COVID and the MU variant, CDC precautions will be practiced:  Everyone entering the clinic will need to wear masks, be screened for symptoms of COVID, social distancing will be kept, and patients will need to make appointments; no walk-ins. Please call for an appointment and leave a message; someone will call you back to schedule your appointment.


Julia’s Center has an all volunteer staff of doctors and nurses with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise.

N. RAO VEMULA, MDMedical Director
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We serve the uninsured residents of Collin County by providing basic medical care for people with medical problems. We do not provide emergency or pregnancy related services but we can provide referrals.
If you have an emergency, call 911 immediately.


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Basic Medical Services

Julia’s Center provides basic medical care primarily related to the maintenance of chronic health issues.


Comprehensive Diabetes Care Clinic and Education

A number of our patients have some form of diabetes and diabetes education is very important.


Women’s Health Clinic

Julia’s Center offers a Women’s Health Clinic offering medical services and education for women’s issues.


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Please call our office to schedule an appointment. If we are closed, please leave a message with your call back information and if you are a new patient or not.

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